Wedding on a Cruise Ship

For a wonderful and original way of tying the knot, few locations match the sheer romance of a cruise liner. And saying ĎI doí on the ocean wave is surprisingly affordable compared to the price of getting married back home.

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You can invite along as many friends and family as you like, or enjoy the intimacy of a private ceremony. You will also have the freedom to sail off to wherever takes your fancy, from the highlights of Europe or Scandinavia to the gorgeous Caribbean to the Americas.

If you donít want to fly, you donít have to! Set sail from a UK-based port. For further afield destinations, jet off from any British airport to meet your ship in port.

Itís perfectly possible to get married on board a cruise ship, but for the licence to be legally valid, the ceremony must be conducted either in port or less than three miles from land. Either your cruise line can make all the arrangements for you, or you can take along your own priest, rabbi or minister.

Itís a bit of myth that the shipís captain can always marry people. For British couples, there is only one cruise ship whose captain can carry out a valid marriage at sea, the Grand Princess from Princess Cruises. Again, the rule of being in international waters from land applies.

Some lines, including Carnival and Princess, have chapels on board ships where you can exchange your vows. Alternatively, you could hold your wedding in port, in which case your cruise operator can arrange everything from the cake and flowers to musicians and confetti to transport and the photographer.

You may also want to consider a cruise to celebrate a landmark anniversary, or to renew your wedding vows: the shipís captain can carry out these ceremonies.

From champagne, cake and flowers to cabin upgrades, to free first-class transfers from home to port, cruise operators do everything in their power to make your wedding extra special. Check out the many excellent marriage packages on offer.

With a cruise wedding, all the ingredients are in place for a blissfully romantic and indulgent experience, from superlative facilities and cuisine to superb entertainment, and the chance to travel in style and visit a stunning array of fascinating destinations.

Youíll also be in situ for your dream honeymoon afloat!

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