Weddings Abroad: Destinations by Month

If youíre planning on marrying abroad, you need to name the day wisely. As well as the weather, you need to take into account local holidays and special events which could affect availability of suppliers and accommodation and so on.

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Also if you travel at a popular time of year for UK travel, you may end up paying more for flights and accommodation. Or your guests may be going on their own holidays and unable to take more time off, or afford a second overseas jaunt.

Of course, the weather is also a key deciding factor in planning your overseas wedding. While January is great for Australia and New Zealand, Brazil, Cuba and the Caribbean, as well as Dubai, Asia, Mexico and the Maldives if youíre after some winter sun, itís also a good time of year for a romantically snowy wedding and honeymoon in the European Alps, North America and Scandinavia.

In fact, early on in the year is good for all of Latin America, as well as North Africa and sub-Saharan destinations like Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya. Itís not the best time of year for Alaska, or Borneo until March.

By the time April rolls round, European destinations like Greece start to warm up, as does Hawaii. And thatís a good time of year for more Indian Ocean destinations, such as the Seychelles, the Maldives and Mauritius.

By May, you can add Cyprus and Spain to your list of potential wedding destinations, along with Ireland, Italy and France. This is not the best time of year for the Caribbean, Cuba, Tanzania or Kenya.

By June itís winter in New Zealand, but hotting up across Europe, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. July to October are the wetter months in the Caribbean.

By August, Belize, Costa Rica and Cuba are also getting quite rainy, while you may find Dubai or Egypt just too hot at this time of year. But you could consider Scotland, Scandinavia or sub-Saharan Africa.

September is a great time to visit Egypt, though, as well as the rest of Africa and Peru. Itís also still delightful across much of the Med and the US Ė as those gorgeous autumn colours start to kick on. And, of course, places like Cyprus and Greece have a much longer summer than we do.

In October itís warming up Down Under and across the South Pacific, Asia and the Indian Ocean, but youíll need to start wrapping up warm in North America and most of Europe by then. Equally this month is still probably not the best time for Cuba, Costa Rica or the Caribbean.

If youíre marrying in December, Australia, Brazil, the Caribbean and Cuba and the Maldives are just some of the places offering a glorious escape as temperatures plunge in the UK.

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