Weddings Abroad - Destinations

Once you’ve decided to tie the knot outside the UK, the most important decision is where in the world to get married! It may be a straightforward choice. Perhaps, for example, one of you already has personal ties with the country where you want to get hitched. Or maybe you’ve been on holiday there, and fallen in love with it.

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Equally, you might have settled on a country but not the region. Or you may love the idea of a beach wedding, but still not found that perfect stretch of sand.

Or perhaps you know you want to marry abroad but can’t decide where?

There’s no substitute for thoroughly researching potential destinations. But various factors will affect your decision.

Clearly, you have to decide on a budget, and stick to it. Determine the type and style of event you want. Also consider your guests. Would, for example, a long-haul trip be prohibitively expensive for them?

If you have your hearts set on a specific time of year, what will the weather be like then? Check out local festivals or holidays which could mean everything is shut, or that the place is very busy.

Think of the backdrop you want, whether that’s a historic location, somewhere exotic, the countryside or a beautiful beachside setting. Do you want sun-drenched or snowy and romantic? What sort of cultural experience are you after?

You also need to be sure you can meet the legal and residential requirements for your destination country. Equally, how easy it would be to plan everything there?

If you don’t want to travel far, Europe has many wonderful spots to choose from, from Aphrodite’s home, Cyprus, to Italy’s Amalfi Coast to one of the many beautiful Greek islands. If a city is more to your liking, how about Rome or Paris, both ridiculously romantic and packed with exciting things to discover together.

Further afield, places like Cuba and Mexico offer pristine beaches and heady cultural experiences, while the sun-soaked, dreamy isles of the Caribbean remain firm favourites. Or perhaps you’d prefer the bone-white sand, azure waters and paradise islands of the Indian Ocean? The US also has an array of exciting wedding locations, from beaches to mountains to glitzy cities.

With so many options, deciding can be a lot of fun!

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