Frequently Asked Questions

What can I buy with my funds?

The funds in your account can be used for any service which Dawson & Sanderson can arrange for you. So this includes flights, hotels, package holidays, car hire, tours, excursions, cruises, holiday currency. We offer the widest range of travel arrangements and the flexibility of tailormade holidays.

Are the donations safe?

We use the latest in Secure Server Technology to ensure that all personal and transactional information is protected to the highest standards.

Your travel arrangements are all protected by ABTA and ATOL which means any monies spent with Dawson & Sanderson are safe and secure.

How do we tell our guests about our fund?

We'll give you 70 notification cards for you to send with your invitations, which provide the exact URL of your list so your guests can go straight to your pages. Also we give you the opportunity to create a link to Facebook and Twitter and you can email your page to your guests too.

How do we know when a guest has made a contribution?

We'll send an email notification to both you and your partner, including any message provided for you by your guest.

How can our guests who don't have access to the Internet give a gift payment.

Your guests can call into one of our branches and we'll be happy to deal with the gift for you.

Are there any alternatives websites we can use to receive gifts?

Yes you can also use which maybe great for saving for your hen or stag weekend!

When should we sign up to Giftmyhoneymoon?

Anytime!* It's a great idea to sign up now there's no-obligation and you can see if it's right for you. You can add your own contributions if you wish to increase your balance at any time.

What happens to our pages after our wedding?

We will keep your pages live for you to view.

How do we spend the funds in our account?

Once you are ready to make a reservation for your wedding abroad or honeymoon contact Dawson & Sanderson and we will make the travel arrangements for you. We will transfer the money from your fund to pay for these arrangements. Any additional balance outstanding will be due by the normal date as determined by the airline or tour operator. You can continue to save gift funds towards extras such as holiday currency or car hire etc.

What happens if we have more in our fund than the cost of our chosen holiday?

You can use any of your funds towards travel insurance, car parking, holiday currency from our foreign exchange. No refunds will be given of unused funds in

Please also refer to terms and conditions for further details.

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