Caribbean Honeymoon and Weddings

The Caribbean, a collection of 30 diverse nations, southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, north of South America and east of Central America, has long been a sought-after wedding and honeymoon destination, and itís easy to understand the regionís unique and enduring appeal.

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The weather, especially from November to May, itís the stuff romantic dreams are made of, with stunning light for perfect wedding photos, turquoise seas and azure skies. As for sand colour, choose from white, beige, pink or black!

Youíll find huge diversity in this part of the world, from a tiny island like Anguilla to the vibrant party scene and Latin vibe of Cancun, from mountainous Jamaica to the equally beautiful but much flatter Bahamas. Have a barefoot beach ceremony for two or a much bigger gathering. The backdrop could be an idyllic, unspoilt of view of sea or sand, or incorporate palm trees or a luxuriant tropical garden.

And you donít have to go for the standard package, but could create and personalise your special day. For something completely different, how about tying the knot underwater, or above it, on a boat, on which you can literally sail off into a glorious sunset afterwards?

Each Caribbean destination has its own individual feel. Popular islands to consider include Barbados, Jamaica, and Antigua, while the Virgin Islands and St Lucia are also all very sought-after.

Legal requirements in each location will differ, so find out which documents you will need. In most locations you will both need to be over18, and to have stayed there for anywhere between 24 hours and a week before tying the knot.

You will probably be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it can be have your wedding in paradise. And with a wedding planner in place to organise everything for you, all you have to do is look forward to your big day.

Finally, donít forget the honeymoon! With so much to enjoy during a week or two in the Caribbean, from spectacular scenery to exciting excursions, varied watersports and other activities, not to mention all that fantastic cuisine, vibrant culture and gorgeous colonial architecture, youíll be getting married life off to a wonderful start.

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