Dawson & Sanderson Wedding Planner

A ceremony on a tropical beach? Say ‘I do’ on a cruise ship or by a waterfall in Hawaii? We all have our own ideas as to what makes the perfect venue for our special day but the reality of where to start to plan such a wedding can be daunting to say the least!

Gift My Honeymoon

This is where Dawson & Sanderson’s wedding planners can come to your assistance. We have the most experienced and professional travel consultants in the industry who can offer advice, plan your trip to the finest detail and give you all the information on legal and document requirements. With the world at their fingertips our wedding abroad consultants can source the best itineraries, plan your trip with you to the last detail and even find the best in upgrades, free nights and finishing touches to make this the honeymoon that you talk about for the rest of your lives. We take all the stress out of planning your wedding abroad and our services do not come at a charge. So contact your nearest Dawson & Sanderson and make an appointment with our wedding consultants. We look forward to helping you plan the dream wedding abroad.

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